Our companies are organized under HIB Holding AS. The Aquaculture services as provided by Lerow AS. Lerow operates a fleet of vessels, equipped with underwater vehicles (ROVs), washing equipment for cleaning the fish cages and an advanced de-lousing system.

All our fish products are sold under the trademark “Dolmøy House of Seafood”. We operate a fish reception on Dolmøy, which has great access to fresh seafood products directly from the fisherman. Our fish reception welcomes all what the sea can offer, depending on the season. We process all kind of whitefish, resulting in a wide range of end-products offered to the market. We are also engaged in the production of salmon products. We have a factory on Dolmøy, Hitra.

Within our property business development, which is our fastest growing business area, we can point out many projects. Our largest project to date is Rabben Marina, consisting of 250 boat spaces, Rabben piers and Rabben Restaurant. Our idea is to develop Rabben as a maritime center at Froya. In terms of our development stage, we are now in Phase 1 out of 4.

On Dolmøy we have an industrial area that we have developed for our own businesses.

Aquaculture Services

Lerow AS – vessel based services and inspection on fish farms. Vessels are equipped with ROV, RONC and de-lousing treatment system designed by “SkaMik”. The company is based on Dolmøy, Hitra

Fishing Industry

Dolmøy House of Seafood AS – fish reception and processing of whitefish – processing of salmon products – factory and outlet at Dolmøy, Hitra

Property and construction

Rabben Marina AS – Marina, restaurant and pier (docks) – Rabben, Frøya


THM Invest – Investment company