Our business areas

Aquaculture services

Lerow AS was established in 2006 and is based on Dolmøy. The company provides services to fish farmers in Norway. Our customers are small and large farming companies. Lerow has 10 service vessels equipped with underwater vehicles (ROVs), washing system for cage cleaning and an advanced de-lousing system. The company has 70 employees and in the past three years it has been recognized as a “Gazelle” company.

Fishing Industry

All products within our fishing business are carrying the trademark “Dolmøy House of Seafood”. Traditionally Dolmøy Seafood AS processed whitefish and shellfish, and at Hitra Laks AS the processing of salmon products was the main focus. To exploit economies of scale, we exploit the capacity of both companies, on both Dolmøy and Barman/ Hitra, to produce seafood of the highest quality.

Our real estate development initiative started in Kjerringvåg (Dolmøy) where we bought up a large industrial area with docks. Furthermore the Rabben Marina area was purchased, resulting in the establishment of the new companies, Rabben Marina AS, Rabben Restaurant AS, HDR AS etc. Recently, new projects were developed and Rabben Panorama and Rabben Seaside is now more or less ready for further development. Furthermore, we have established the company Ideal Construction Group AS and Excavator AS, which is responsible for the building and construction part of our business.


THM Invest AS is our investment company. We invest in sea-based businesses or businesses that have a connection to the sea. We strongly believe in the future of Norwegian seafood industry. If ideas are a part of our blue line concept, then we might consider investing in that company.
Human resource and equipment services
BG Resource AS offers staffing and equipment to companies in Bremnesgruppen and to external customers. We provide highly qualified staff with experience and expertise in most business fields. The company provides services to both private and public sector.


Companies within the Bremnesgruppen are operating with extensive R & D work to develop future solutions for our business. We work closely together with research institutions such as SINTEF and NTNU. Furthermore, Lerow AS has developed a business partnership with SFI. Moreover Lerow applied for 8 development licenses to test our revolutionary MARKOB brass net solutions with vessels based service systems.


Bremnes Group operates in the business areas of aquaculture services, fish processing, real estate development and investment. We have activities in Frøya, Hitra, Snillfjord and Trondheim. Main base is at Hitra with branch office in Trondheim. We engaged in extensive R & D activities for the development of future solutions.